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New Blog...

Posted by William

So this is my brand new blog, my old one has run its course and there are many eyes I wish not to follow.  Over the past year I have done many things but what this blog is going to concentrate most on is writing and reading.  I know many writers have resources on their blogs some of which I follow most diligently, this blog is mostly going to appeal to writers attempting to get their start.  Months ago I started a book and am now about half way through the writing process, this blog is partly going to be about that journey.  I am hoping to gather authors and agents to help explain in further detail some of the avenues I am taking and why they are at an advantage or disadvantage.

But mostly this blog is for you, the reader or writer who is attempting to get their first article or book published, it is a place for creative people of all kinds to share their ideas with one another and inspire your fellow creative scribes. Honestly my plan here is to take things as they go, so please join me and enjoy the inspiration of you and your brothers and sisters..


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