7:12 AM

Heat and Writing..

Posted by William

I can typically write during any conditions whether they be cold, storm, hail, heck even during a tornado, but heat is a different story.  We have had a major heat wave going on for the most of July and when you compound that with no air conditioning it makes your imagination take reprieve from the senses.

So the question is how does one cope with 100+ degree heat with no air conditioning and still write.  Well I will be completely honest with you, it is a dreadfully hard hurdle to overcome.  Unless you find a cool basement to hunch down into but even then you have to worry about spiders, ghosts and goblins. 

But I do have a trick that can help write down any idea you have whether be a word or sentence but no more then that.  Post them up on your computer in the order that you write them then throughout the day let your mind work out the scenes in every detail.  Then when night falls go an look at what you have written and the scenes should come alive through your fingertips..

There is one other way, buy yourself a digital recorder and speak out your ideas, converse with yourself even if it feels a little strange and maybe slightly crazy, it helps you carve through tough parts of a story and self doubt...


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