11:34 AM

The Morning Write

Posted by William

I have never been a morning person, actually typically the only time I would see the sunrise is if I pulled an all nighter.  Ever since I was a little kid my vision and dreams have always surrounded the night and the darkness within.

Why is that?

Because the darkness forces your imagination to really work and create something unusual and interesting.  This does not mean I always write dark things nor does it mean I am a man full of negativity.  Actually there is a huge positive essence within my mind and soul the darkness just brings it out.


This morning I got up for work very very early like 4am and I was overwhelmed with inspiration I sat down to write and I wrote and wrote and wrote literally seven good pages.  Even at work the imagination didn't stop there, it was a dull orientation and thus my brain continued to swirl.

I used to put down morning writers not being able to completely understand how they can write with their brains all stuffed full of fuzz.  But now I understand and commend those who write in the morning.. What an excellent way to wake up.  This put me in a great mood for most of the day. I am definitely hoping this continues as long as it is not sooooooo early in the morning because honestly by noon today I was dead..


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